Sunday, February 2, 2020

Are corporations persons with religious freedom rights Case Study

Are corporations persons with religious freedom rights - Case Study Example ) The court observed that the reason of extending these rights to corporations was to protect the right of employees, shareholders and officers of the corporation. Allowing these corporations to enforce RFRA claims serve to protect the religious liberty of the corporation. c) The court also reasoned that corporations would be considered persons with religious freedom rights within the meaning of the RFRA. Non profit organizations are considered persons within the meaning of the RFRA and this should be extended to for profit organizations. Although the main objective of these organizations is to make money they also undertake humanitarian and altruistic endeavors similar to those of non profit organizations. d) The court also noted that the governments mandate on contraception greatly hinders the exercise of religion. In its judgment the court noted that the government already had an existing and functional mandate that was already implemented for non profit organizations and this could be extended to corporations with religious reservations. The government would therefore use the non restrictive mandate for Hobby Lobby (Churchill 2014). a) The most likely impact the outcome in Burwell v Hobby Lobby will have will be the perceived impact on employees and employers. However, the court was quick to point out that the decision concerned the contraception mandate only. Thus the outcome cannot be applied where the employer’s religious beliefs conflict with any other requirement. b) The court also clarified that the decision only applies to closely held corporations which are operated according to the sacred beliefs of its owners. What this means is that all other for profit organizations that are closely held are exempt from providing contraception coverage for its employees (Cohen, Lynch, & Curfman 2014). c) The outcome in this case will also affect the mandate of ACA. Under the ACA, exemptions apply only if the employer qualifies as a religious employer, or

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