Monday, November 4, 2019

Project Management - Project Report Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Project Management - Project Report - Coursework Example This entailed gathering of the necessary information needed to begin the project as well as the features that it would have to meet the needs of the stakeholders. For this reason, the team established a proper communication system that aided in collecting relevant information. The scope of the project geared towards addressing the structural, technological and environmental challenges. In terms of schedule management, the work on the project was under strict timeframe with every activity having a deadline. This ensured listing of the activities, milestones and deliverables of the project with the intended commencement and completion dates. Cost management ensured that the completion of the project happened within the budget. Thus, the project underwent regular budgetary reviews that enabled better planning and allocation of funds (, 2015). Risk management was necessary to ensure that there were intervention plans in case of any need. The project considered the asbestos and electric risks. During the entire project, there were some energy saving measures that came into consideration. The management provided that a competitive and open tender process occurred so that the ideal people received contracts (‘Project Management Institute’, n.d). The planning and project execution team carried out their responsibilities with a high level of professionalism and effectiveness. Some budgetary changes happened to ensure that everything went as planned. The entire project team was able to handle all the challenges correctly, and all issues of contentment received consideration. The delivery of the project happened within the scheduled timeframe and to the standards that applied for the entire project. This ensured that the project was a

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